Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nanny's Worst Nighmare

Close your eyes. No wait, open them so you can keep reading. Now, picture this....
You and you're little one are trying to hurry home for lunch. You are in the middle of nowhere and you hear your worst fear. "Wee-wee! Wee-wee!" You're little one has to go to the potty right now and there are no restrooms in sight!

Ok. Calm down. It isn't real this time, but I'm sure you've all had this happen before. Today I had the pleasure of this experience. We were on our way home from ballet and were waiting for the bus. That was when M started her terrifying shout. "Wee-wee!" Lucky for me M was in a pull-up for just that reason. Unfortunately she's been listening to what I've been telling her and insisted on going on the potty. She was getting more and more upset because she really had to go and really wanted to go on the toilet. So off we went in search of the potty. We finally found a shop and asked to use the restroom. The cashier pointed me in the right direction, but when I got there it was closed for cleaning! (Can this get any worse?) I knocked on the door and the cleaner opened it up. We must have looked a sight; M was yelling "Wee-wee, wee-wee!" and I was panting from getting her there quickly. He let us in and we raced into a stall. I was just about to pull down M's pants and she told me that she had already gone in the pull-ups. *sigh* Back to the bus stop we went just in time to see the bus leave without us.
Hope you enjoyed my little nightmarish day. Just in time for Halloween right?

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