Friday, October 7, 2011

Sickness is mankind's greatest defect.

Sickness is mankind's greatest defect. -Georg C. Lichtenberg 

I feel that this week couldn't have lasted any longer. I was waiting for the weekend for what felt like a month. Yes, I've caught M's cold, only for me it also turned into a sore throat. With both M and I feeling under the weather it was a great couple of days for TV, books, and lots of snuggles. Needless to say, the crafts I have been itching to try will just have to wait until after the long weekend. Here is the start of a craft that I've been working on. I've lost inspiration for the rest, but I can assure you that it will be amazing once it's all done. Right now, I am just glad it's a long weekend and I can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with my family :)

Crayon Shaving Window Art
 Here is the start of what is going to be a monogram window hanging that can change with the seasons. So far I have the fall leaves made from crayon shavings. The monogram part is still not perfect so I'll post that later. 

Shave some crayons in the colours you want. I shaved my directly onto wax paper so I didn't make a mess.
Next cover your shavings with another piece of wax paper. I also covered the paper with a rag to protect my iron. 
Iron the shavings and try to spread them around in as thin a sheet as possible. 
Allow to cool. 
Now cut into any shape you want. I cut mine into leaves for my fall theme. 
Poke holes and hang them with string. 
Now you have a beautiful wall hanging. :)
 (My picture was taken at night, but the sun shines through them beautifully)

Stay tuned for the rest of the project.  
Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

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