Monday, September 26, 2011

Craft Time!

Hello all. So sorry for the delayed posting. The power cord for my laptop broke just as I was about to upload some crafting pictures. Finally the new power cord as arrived and I am back in business.

Here are a couple of crafts that you can do on the fly with household items. These are my favourite kind because they require little to no prep time. M loves making these sorts of crafts too because they are easy and have great results. They also make great gifts for grandparents :)

1. The Paper Plate Fish
Grab your paper plate and decorate it however you wish. M and I took some paint and painted a base coat so that it wasn't pure white. After the paint was dry we went crazy with markers and glitter glue. After you are done decorating your plate cut a pie piece out of it. The whole will be the fish's mouth and the triangle you cut out will be the tail. We used glue to glue on the tail, but staples or tape will work just as well. Now you can add an eye and colour on a fin. Take a look at your wonderful fish!
Here's a neat little extra. Cut out a little circle from construction paper and do the same to make a smaller fish. Now take some string and a hole puncher and hang your little fish from your big fish's mouth. M and I did this and it looked cute. M thought it was a mama and a baby fish, but I think it looks like the big fish is eating the little fish. Share your fishes here!

2. Egg Carton Bugs

M loves egg carton crafts. Here is a great one that is easy and fun to play with after. Take an egg carton and cut off some bumps. For a caterpillar I used three, but you can use more. A ladybug and a spider would only be one. Paint the bug in the colour you'd like. Add pipe cleaners for antenna and legs. M and I added pom-pom and glitter glue (that girl loves sparkles). Last we added some googly eyes (which were later pulled off to play with).

I hope to keep updating more crafts for you all to try. I'd love to see pictures of your crafts and I'd love more ideas that M and I can try. 

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