Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Since M's family only has one car and her dad uses it for work we rely on the closeness of things in the big city to get by. We can walk to the park, M's school, the grocery store, the museum, and the library. Ballet is the only thing M does that is too far to walk to. So today I was able to take M on the three different modes of public transportation that the city offers. We started off the trip to ballet on a streetcar. M loves the streetcar and loves watching everyone on the streetcar. It has the added bonus of being high up so there is a great view from the window. When we reached our stop we raced to the bus to take us the rest of the way to ballet class.

After ballet we had a lot of time to wait for the bus on a different route that would allow us to take the subway (or the train as M likes to call it).  The subway was the best! M got to sit on the seat for a bit and then I even allowed her to stand and hold onto the pole. She loved the way the fast pace of the subway could make you sway. She also has already taken up my favourite pastime on the subway.... people watching. The only embarrassing part is that she constantly is asking "What he doing? What she doing?" and pointing. She hasn't learned the art of subtlety yet. I'm not sure what was more exciting today; ballet or the different ways that we got to and from class.
Tomorrow we go back to our usual form of transportation... walking. M will ride in the stroller and I'll get my daily exercise. Hopefully it won't be too disappointing after our wonderful day today.

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