Monday, September 19, 2011


Every child needs to learn the word "share." This is a hard concept for most children. M is no exception. She doesn't mind sharing toys that aren't hers, but it's a different story when other children come to play with her toys. It could be because M is an only child and she never has to share her toys. Today a 10 month old baby come for a visit and M didn't want to share with her. It was a good thing the little baby didn't mind and didn't know the difference. M grabbed her toys from the little baby and said "NO." Ms. nicely explained to M that the baby just wanted to use them for a little bit and then was going to give them back. This seemed to calm M down a little bit. Both her and the baby got a toy to play with and everything was great. Hopefully M will continue to learn how to share.

M and I love to do crafts together. Today I didn't have anything planned, but since she had to stay home from school due to a cold, I thought a craft was in order. I picked up the first thing I saw... a toilet paper roll. Today this wasn't a toilet paper roll, it was a spy glass. We decorated it with markers, stickers, glitter, and glue. We were able to see fish, whales, and sea horses through the amazing spy glass. What a wonderful craft to do on the spur of the moment. What do you make out of toilet paper rolls?

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