Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Terrible Twos

M had her first ballet class today. It was so lovely. All this little girls were running and jumping around in cute, pink, leotards and adorable little ballet slippers. M was so cute with her dancing and the huge smile on her face. She was the youngest in the class by far, but she did so well. And then we went home and ate cotton candy and rode unicorns....

Ya right! As if that was real life. This is really what the rest of my day was like.
Life isn't always fun and games. Today was a tough day with M being a monkey. Ballet was nice, but then when we went home for lunch the trouble began. M does not like to eat lunch. At all. No matter what I do. I have tried to cut the food in fun shapes, let her help me make her lunch, have her pick what's for lunch, etc... What do you do when your little one won't eat?

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