Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eating: Take 2

Earlier I had written that M does not like to eat. She loves certain foods like crackers and cheese, but when it comes to anything nutritious you can forget it. We have been trying a lot of new things to get the food down to her little tummy. One of my favourites is making a fruit smoothie. M can help out and even decides what to put in it. We start off with some yogurt. We were using the little child yogurt cups (it was a great amount and I didn't have to guess a measurement), but now we've started to use Greek yogurt for the great texture it adds. Then we add as much fruit as we want. Some favourites are strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. Once in a while M likes to put in kiwi and apple too. Last we add orange juice. We add as much as we think we need to make sure it's not too thick. Then we put in the blender and watch the magic happen. Ta-da! A nutritious drink that is fun to make.

Here's the real life saver though.... cookie cutters! I found these ones at the dollar store.

What I love about these particular ones is that they are small. Each shape is about two bites and I can fit 4-5 shapes on one sandwich. Right now we are using the shapes for grilled cheese and french toast. My grilled cheese is surprisingly simple and good because I put avocado and cheese on them. Sometimes I add a slice of ham or some humus to the grilled sandwich as well. M, who wouldn't even eat half a sandwich normally, will eat 2 sandwiches when they are in shapes! The french toast is the same with the added bonus of dipping it in (a small amount of) syrup.
We're getting there slowly. Now we just need to deal with the kitty who has the opposite problem... he'll eat anything. I need to be very careful that M doesn't drop any food or the kitten eats it up. It may be amusing for M, but cleaning up after the kitten's upset stomach is not.

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