Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Every Child's Dream

What did you want as a child? I always loved making forts. My sister and I would use our bunk beds and lots of sheets and blankets to make a super sweet fort on our bed. We would use pillows to stuff into the ladder and were small enough to fit through the ladder. This was a perfect door. When we wanted to hide we could just stuff the pillow back in. We also had a fort in the back yard behind the shed. It was our secret clubhouse and my mom even let us paint on the fence. The best forts were the ones that all of my sisters and I made in the snow. If the snow stayed long enough we were able to make whole cities including the shops. We all had our own little snow forts and we would go and visit each other. I can't tell you all the good memories we had in those forts.

Now M has the best fort ever! Her father made her a teepee. What a lucky girl! It's perfect because it's plenty big for the both of us to play in (and have slumber parties in). Even the little kitten loves to play with us in the teepee. The inside of the teepee has a lot of pillows and blankets. There are even rope lights wrapped around some of the posts inside. When the lights are all out little stars glow in the dark and help you see.

We had so much fun playing here today. We read books and hid from her parents. I think this is going to be a great hide-out for years to come.

M has a great playroom down in the basement. It's hard to keep all her toys neat when we're playing with them, but her parents just bought a great piece to use... some storage shelves! They are the perfect height for M to access her toys and they still look great. They are from Ikea and come in amazing colours.
What are you toy storage solutions? Please share any great tips!

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