Thursday, September 22, 2011

Potty Training

Here we go. I have been debating whether or not to write a post on potty training. It's going to be a long one and involve words like wee-wee and bum. But alas, it is an important part of my day with M and it's been a long journey. So, let's begin.

When I first started working with M in April, she had just turned 2 and her parents had just bought her a potty. They also bought these great books that had potty songs and different stories about Elmo and Ernie on the potty. This was great and M loved singing along to the potty songs. As the weather grew warmer and we were in the wading pool out on the back deck M would be naked and the potty would be close by. We spent a lot of time with M sitting on the potty and I would sit on the ground and read her stories or sing songs. She was getting very comfortable on the potty.

Then came the frustrating part. M would do a tiny, tiny tinkle and stop (I think it scared her a little). Then we would go back to playing and she would have an accident and empty the majority of her bladder. M got really upset when she had an accident, so I would clean it up quickly so we could go back to playing.

As M's control over her bladder got better so did her potty training. Here is where M proved that she is a very smart girl. M would get a piece of chocolate if she went on the potty. Soon she always wanted a piece of chocolate and so she would come up with a clever plan; M would just do a little tinkle and get a piece of chocolate. As soon as she was done that piece she would do another tinkle and get another piece of chocolate. This happened over and over and over. I was getting really frustrated when my (American) sister suggested that make the size of the piece of chocolate comparable to the size of her tinkle. Thank you for that amazing advice!!! It saved me.
Now M is great at going to the potty! She will even sit of the big toilet at home and away from home. Now we're working on getting the tricky #2 in the potty.

What are you potty training stories? frustrations? triumphs?

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